MN2050 Message

Lack of timely attention to reasonable public infrastructure investment hinders economic development, safety, and quality of life in Minnesota

MN2050 Mission

To articulate a convincing case for increased infrastructure investment across Minnesota through a partnership presenting a coordinated voice and unified, comprehensive needs information for today’s and tomorrow’s citizens and leaders.

Infrastructure as an Equity Issue

We know that there are equity concerns involved with housing, health care, employment and education. Passionate people advocate for these issues. Two organizations, OneMN.org and Growth and Justice (http://growthandjustice.org), are planning a workshop for later this month to create a ‘blueprint’ to integrate an approach for solving these issues in Minnesota. They are including both the Twin City area and Greater Minnesota groups and individuals.

Workshop planners see public infrastructure as a critical priority to be included. Infrastructure is aging and -increasingly- failing. Older Minnesota cities, small and large, have the oldest, most vulnerable infrastructure. MN2050 has been invited to participate…and we will. The June 27-29 workshop in Granite Falls is open to all. This link has the information: http://www.growthandjustice.org/thriving-by-design.

Minnesota Infrastructure Report Card coming

National ASCE does a Report Card every four years.The Minnesota Section of ASCE will provide its first one later this year and is about 3/4 done crafting and drafting the report.We are supporting this work. We expect it to be finished in September. This will be a good way to get a clear, simplified message out to the public…backed by credible documentation. More info here eventually: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY9oTdRmm5s

Asset Management group forming

Sam Paske of the Metropolitan Council and Brad Henry organized a meeting on February 2 to explore forming a Minnesota chapter of the Institute of Asset Management, to support public agencies and consultants working with these tools and systems. MN2050’s recent surveys show that systems and tool use by cities and counties in the state is limited. Effective use provides credible data supporting capital investment in aging facilities. Here is a link to a summary of this meeting: IAM Kickoff Meeting

National APWA Presentation

Dan Gage, Brad Henry, John Maczko and Tom Eggum presented “MN2050 Initiative: Making Infrastructure Great Again,” at the national APWA conference in Minneapolis last month. We think it was well received. (There were no vegetables thrown.) It was “live streamed” to members not traveling to the conference. We expect the video will eventually be available on this website.

More National Exposure

The July issue of CED Magazine features an article on MN2050 genesis and progress. You can read it by clicking on the title above.

This national trade journal is published by the Associated Equipment Distributors (AED)…“an international trade association representing companies involved in the distribution, rental and support of equipment used in construction, mining, forestry, power generation, agriculture and industrial applications.” aednet.org

John Maczko named City Engineer of the Year

The City Engineers Association of Minnesota named John Maczko of the Saint Paul Public Works Department as their City Engineer of the Year for 2016. John is also the most recent addition to the MN2050 steering committee.

Impressive attendance at Minnesota caucuses provides MN2050 with ideas and interest

For the first time, MN2050 reached-out to its Partner organizations for participation in Minnesota’s caucuses on March 1st.  Two weeks later, an online survey provided 82 responses from attendees.  Nearly all infrastructure resolutions passed from the evenly divided party participants.  Informative … yes, but not without concerns and reservations on the caucus process.  A good number of folks indicated a willingness to help-out MN2050.  Check-out the full report.

MN2050_Caucus Final Report_042916

State of the State Infrastructure: the state Asset Management survey

Last year, MN2050 supported by MnDOT’s State Aid Office and Wilder Research, conducted the first ever survey of Minnesota cities, counties and state agencies’ use of Asset Management tools and systems. Results are available our Survey page. The second annual survey is now underway.

State of the State Infrastructure: the interactive mapping project

Also last year, MN2050 joined in an interactive mapping project initiated by the Office of State Auditor and funded by the University of Minnesota as part of the U’s Smart Cities research program. The cooperative project’s goal is to present state infrastructure needs information to the public via easy-to-comprehend maps and other visuals. The first maps and a full description of the project are now available on the State Auditor’s website: http://www.osa.state.mn.us/

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.” – Darth Vader

Quick links to our three videos


State of Repair_IndustriesofConstantMotion

Anytime, day or night you can access these links on Twin Cities Public Television (tpt). Please watch all three 2014 videos co-produced by MN2050 and tpt. Learn, understand and think: can you do something about our State of Repair ?

State of Repair: Roads and Bridges
State of Repair: Industries of Constant Motion
State of Repair: Liquid Assets