MN2050 Message

Lack of timely attention to reasonable public infrastructure investment hinders economic development, safety, and quality of life in Minnesota

MN2050 Mission

To articulate a convincing case for increased infrastructure investment across Minnesota through a partnership presenting a coordinated voice and unified, comprehensive needs information for today’s and tomorrow’s citizens and leaders.

MN APWA promotes Infrastructure Advocacy

Minnesota APWA leaders and MN2050 steering team members have been developing an ambitious infrastructure advocacy campaign starting with a communications plan prepared by Scott Barsuhn. MN APWA will develop an Advocacy approach for Chapter members and also offer a template for action for MN2050 partners to adapt for their own organizations or add support for other advocacy work already underway.

Work on the Equity Blueprint continues

MN2050 continues to work with Growth & Justice and OneMn.org on the Equity Blueprint — a comprehensive policy agenda and socioeconomic contract for achieving equity and inclusive growth. Infrastructure is a critical component to this guide, and intersects with many of the other issues. This December 10-11, 2018, the full group convenes at Grand Casino Hinckley to pull together several months work with Minnesotans from all backgrounds to explore policies that intersect within community systems and are integral to thriving communities. Those who participate this December will lead the final deliberation and democratic process to affirm the first iteration of One Minnesota Equity Blueprint recommendations to be presented to the Gov. Walz, legislature, and back out to communities.

This is an opportunity for infrastructure advocacy to be combined with other priorities rather than compete against them. More information is available at www.thrivingbydesignmn.org. And, the December 10-11 convening is open to MN2050 partners; we would benefit from additional voices at this meeting. You are welcome to register via Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/thriving-by-design-blueprint-convening-tickets-51406261512.

The Report Card is out

The 2018 Minnesota Infrastructure Report Card was released at a press conference at the Capitol October 9. The overall average grade is “C” which The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) defines as “Mediocre, Requires Attention.” No category received higher than a “B” (“Good, Adequate for Now”). Minnesota Roads came in lowest with a “D+” (a “D” is described as “Poor, At Risk”). The work was done by MN Section ASCE volunteers led by Jason Staebell of Hennepin County Public Works. The Report Card is available at:  https://www.infrastructurereportcard.org/.

State of the State Infrastructure: the interactive mapping project

Our State Auditor Rebecca Otto has been the driving force behind the interactive mapping project (city utility information) created at the University of Minnesota by Leonard Kne and his staff of electronic wizards.  She is stepping down in January, with a new elected State Auditor coming on. We aren’t sure what will happen with this unique service. For now, the data remains available at:  http://www.osa.state.mn.us/

“Failing, infrastructure is.” – Yoda

Quick links to our three videos


State of Repair_IndustriesofConstantMotion

Anytime, day or night you can access these links on Twin Cities Public Television (tpt). Please watch all three 2014 videos co-produced by MN2050 and tpt. Learn, understand and think: can you do something about our State of Repair ?

State of Repair: Roads and Bridges
State of Repair: Industries of Constant Motion
State of Repair: Liquid Assets