Your tax-deductible gift will make possible the major initiatives of MN2050, including:

MN2050 Website: To share our message including infrastructure-related articles, videos, presentations, links and investments.

Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) Documentary: Our MN2050 infrastructure video co-produced with TPT will create a foundation of infrastructure education which will appeal to a state-wide audience and which will use inquiry-based learning practices for STEM education of High School and college students. It will be similar to the Liquid Assets Minnesota video currently being broadcast on TPT.

Communications Tool Kit: This tool kit will be developed over the next year in conjunction with TPT and it will supply a broad range of web, video and broadcast resources for professionals, educators and partners.

Help MN2050 Reach Our Goals

A donation of any size is appreciated and will go towards helping the MN2050 collaborative partnership reach three main goals:

  • Increase public awareness about the importance of our state’s critical infrastructure.
  • Develop K through 12 infrastructure-related curriculum to educate Minnesota’s 2050 leaders, or Partner with educators, coalitions and foundations to integrate the STEM education fields and infrastructure knowledge.
  • Establish a platform to help professionals research and advance our infrastructure management message.

Minnesota’s quality of life, safety and long term economic success depends on a sound infrastructure plan and an educated group of citizens. We understand the effects of not addressing this critical issue, and with your help we can shape Minnesota into a strong sustainable economic engine.

Donations  and the MN2050 Infrastructure videos

MN2050 invites you to help us raise $155,000 to shape the future of Minnesota’s infrastructure.  The Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Other donation levels go to the production of the MN2050 infrastructure videos.  Your financial support will assist us to deliver our message to all Minnesotans and will enable a Partner/Sponsor, organization, company or ‘just you’ to receive donation recognition.

To help us reach our initial goal of $155,000, we are seeking contributions from infrastructure-related organizations, large corporations, engineering firms and individuals.  There are  five sponsorship levels:

Titanium      $15,000
Platinum      $10,000
Gold              $5,000
Silver             $1,000
Other           $100-500

Your questions and contributions are critical to moving forward with our MN2050 initiative.  Here is a Donation Form.

Depending on the level of contribution, your firm or organization is recognized in the TPT documentary and on the website. In addition, firms will be allowed to re-edit the documentary to fit its particular needs and marketing goals.  Please note: MN2050 operating under the MN Chapter of APWA is Section 501 c(3) compliant for tax purposes.

Your questions and contributions are critical to moving forward with our MN2050 initiative.

Video Funding and Status Update

After raising an initial sum and receiving SPAG (State Public Affairs Grants) funding from ASCE in 2011, MN2050 and TPT are moving forward with producing the first segment of the video, which will deal with roads and bridges. The other four infrastructure areas will be added to the video as funding becomes available. It is expected that the first segment will be completed later this fall. The Minnesota Section will make it available on its website by the end of the year, and TPT will air it early in 2013.

Please direct your questions to:
Dan Gage, Chair – MN2050 Steering Committee
651.645.5726 or

We appreciate your support for a sound and sustainable Minnesota infrastructure!