2016 “State of the Infrastructure” Asset Management Survey Results

MN2050 advocates for increased investment in public infrastructure, while at the same time emphasizing the good management of that infrastructure. MN2050 was created by our Minnesota APWA chapter and 17 other professional partners, to provide information and media tools to professionals to convey to the public the message of the importance of infrastructure investment.

Last year, with financial support from MnDOT’s Office of State Aid, MN2050 retained Wilder Research to conduct the first state wide survey of the Asset Management practices of Minnesota cities, counties, Met Council and MnDOT. This year, we conducted the second survey and combined the results with the first.

Our intent is to find and share affordable best practices with city, county and state engineers. We also want to assure Minnesota citizens that additional investments will be managed effectively. And, our results can help our elected officials better understand the big picture of infrastructure needs. The 2016 survey results are available through the links below. The Charts and Graphs attachment show what systems and tools are in use throughout the state (many) and we attempt to summarize the value of all public infrastructure in the state. The latter is only a rough first attempt based on incomplete information. It may represent the first time anyone has attempted to estimate a number.

This effort is being managed by our MN2050 steering committee, guided by State Aid staff and includes an advisory committee consisting of representatives of the City Engineers Association of Minnesota (CEAM), the Minnesota County Engineers Association (MCEA) and MnDOT’s district State Aid divisions. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of our state’s cities, counties and state agencies in adding their valuable experience to the survey. And we are very impressed with the competence—and patience—of Wilder Research staff.

MN2050 2016 Data Book
MN2050 2016 Report
MN2050 2016 Executive Summary
Charts and Graphs